Young’s Jersey Dairy Proposal

Last week I was invited to do something super cool!  Trevor emailed me looking for a photographer in the Yellow Springs, Ohio area to surprise his girlfriend and complete his plan.  He had this idea to take Alyssa, his girlfriend of 2 years, to a pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin.


That Sunday morning, my son, Jackson, and I arrived at Young’s Jersey Dairy.  We waited on the porch of the The Golden Jersey for just a moment while Dan Young drove over from the barns.  He picked us up in his golf cart with a very special pumpkin.  It had a gold and cream chevron bow and 4 words painted on one side.  As we drove over, Dan explained that the pumpkin patch was planned to be closed, but because of this very special pumpkin search, he had kept it open to the public.  Everything was falling in to place to surprise Alyssa.

After a short drive, we arrived at the patch and placed the pumpkin in the field.  Just as Dan sat the pumpkin down, Trevor texted asking if we were ready or if he should continue to stall.  Dan left and Jackson and I searched around for a place to set up.


A few minutes later the first group came through without Trevor and Alyssa, but after telling multiple people that our special pumpkin wasn’t available, we moved to a more obscure area of the pumpkin patch.  Here we found a pumpkin for Jackson to pose with once they arrived.  Until then, he played pokemon 🙂


Then we saw the next tractor pulling up and started to pretending to take photos of Jackson again.  Jackson, although knowing there was a surprise going on, couldn’t help himself.  He was asking if each couple that got off the wagon was them and discreetly pointing over his shoulder.  Secrets are hard y’all!

Then.  This happened!


Trevor walked over to the pumpkin, showed it to Alyssa, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!


She didn’t even notice we were there!!


How gorgeous is this ring??!?!!?

Trevor did such an amazing job!  He truly thought of everything!

Take notes guys!  Trevor even made sure she had a manicure so her nails were perfect to show off the ring!


As we finished shooting in the patch, we boarded the wagon ride and Alyssa started calling friends and family.  I can still feel the excitement that surrounded them! 


We rode the tractor back to the barns and took a few more pictures before they hurried off to meet their families and tell more friends.



Congratulations, Trevor and Alyssa!!  I am so happy to have been included in this memorable day with you!


A special thanks to Dan Young for his hospitality!


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