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I am a yellow springs photographer. It’s one of my favorite places to photograph, because there’s cute places around town, but there’s also nature and wooden bridges. There is also an annual sunflower field, but I haven’t been in a couple years since they banned professional/commercial photographers.

Yesterday, my daughter and I were on our way home from her soccer game in Beavercreek. Her team won (yay! She was so excited!!!) and we decided to stop through Xenia on our way and grab a bite to eat. She, of course, chose taco bell. Side note here: this taco bell in Xenia was awesome! They loaded her lettuce-less taco with meat and cheese.

Anyway, if we drive through Xenia, then our trip takes us through Yellow Springs. All was good until I remembered the sunflowers were in bloom, so the road right there would be a bit crazy. And to add to that crazy would be us, because Amanda wanted to stop and see all the flowers!

sunflower field, yellow springs photographerWe pulled in and carefully navigated through the cars and people to find a place to park. I grabbed my camera and she grabbed my hand pulling me to the field. As we walked up, we couldn’t help but notice all the people with their hands full of sunflowers. I would say 80% of the people had taken at least 1 flower.

Amanda and I wandered through the maze of flowers as we discussed how wrong it was to take the flowers and how pretty they are this year.  Then we took a few photos and decided to leave the many bees to their flowers. The flowers are gorgeous and the field is so full this year. The weather must have been perfect for them.

sunflower field, yellow springs photographer

sunflower field, yellow springs photographer

I’m glad we stopped. I’m happier that I had my camera to capture us stopping. And I am happiest knowing I am raising a young lady that knows not to pick other people’s flowers, but to leave the beauty for all to enjoy.

sunflower field, yellow springs photographer

Thank you, Tecumseh Land Trust, for making these photos possible!


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