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Hey friends!!! I am a Centerville Wedding Photographer as well as the surrounding areas of Ohio.  If this is your first time here; WELCOME!

Shooting your rings is one of my favorite moments of your wedding.  Let’s be real…there are a lot of moments that I love which is why I love to photograph weddings, but rings is definitely a unique type of shot that I don’t get to do at just any session.  And what makes it special is this is when I get to pull elements from your wedding and use them to create a unique photograph of your wedding bands and engagement ring.

This past weekend I was shooting at Benham’s Grove in Centerville, Ohio.  It is a beautiful venue that I’ve had the privilege of shooting at in the past and I hope to get back there.  Maybe I’ll do a post just about the venue sometime.  I have some photos, but probably not enough to do it justice.

Anyway, I was shooting this wedding and they had a candy station set up in the main house at Benham’s Grove.  I didn’t notice it at first because I was so focused on shooting the guys in what I lovingly refer to as the hobbit house.  Plus when I was in the main house it hadn’t been set up, so I was so happy to see it a little bit later when we had a bit of downtime waiting on the weather.

This wedding was beautiful, but it didn’t have a lot of details that needed captured.  There wasn’t a theme.  Lots of pretty elements, but none were truly special to the couple.  But….they had a candy bar station.  So I figured candy must be something special, right?  And they had to go and hand pick each candy that was there, right?

So, candy became my goal to incorporate into the ring shot.  There were smarties, dumdums, gummy bears, dubble bubble gum balls, and some others.  I wanted the gummy bears for myself, but they were nearly gone, so I went for color.

I went for the gum balls!!!

centerville wedding photographer

I love how it turned out!  I hope the bride and groom do too!!!

Ok, so I got my fun, unique shot.  But now I need to get a more traditional photo.  Flowers and rings is the typical kind of shot you’ll see and it worked great with the bride’s bouquet!

centerville wedding photographer

Which is your favorite?

I can’t decide!!!  I love the uniqueness of the gum balls, BUT….I love how these rings worked with the flowers!

If you are looking for a Centerville Wedding Photographer, I would love to chat with you and see if we are a good fit!!  Send me a message!



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