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I am an Ohio Christian photographer.  More specifically, an Ohio wedding photographer that is a Christian.  Phew!!  Got that off my chest ;P No really, I hope that you know that if you are a follower; whether here on the blog or on Instagram.  If you don’t know that, then maybe I am not sharing enough or me.

Sharing enough of me is a constant battle.  Am I sharing too much?  Should I share this little bit or would that be a turn off?  If I share this, even if it isn’t liked by all, could it help someone?  Some days I feel like sharing it all and other days I want to turn off all social media and keep it for me.  The personal side of running a business… much is the right amount?

Jasmine Star once said that the litmus test for oversharing is the simple question of “would you share this with a stranger in an airport terminal?”  Lots of times, that answer is yes for me.  As I’ve gotten older and come to be more an more comfortable with my truth, I have realized that I am a rather open book, especially to strangers.  HA!  Strangers almost seem easier to talk to, do you agree?

If you are also a Christian, you have probably heard the phrase “in the flesh.”  If you aren’t a Christian and this is a term you are familiar with in a different religion, please let me know!  I have only heard it as a Christian.  Anyway… It’s not necessarily a good thing to be.  And yet I found myself there a few days ago when I wrote about friends and family discounts.  You may have read the blog post before reading this one.

I was hurting and fed up with a situation that had gotten out of control and admittedly I was not without some blame.  A simple act of kindness from one friend led me to bring up hurt and anger with another again.  I had these words that I had to get off my chest and instead of writing them down for just me or sending a private message to my sister to vent again, I felt I had to share with other creatives in hopes that they would not get burned by friends and family, as so many of us have because it is hard to put up boundaries….especially with those that we love.

ohio christian photographerThis blog post got more traffic than I think any other blog post has gotten.  It was read in over 40 states and a few countries, plus the facebook post that went with it was seen by well over 2000 accounts and many comments and likes were left.  It was crazy and not at all what I expected.  I’m usually lucky to have 2 people like my post and I rarely get comments.

I had so many creatives and my brides reach out to me.  It was amazing and I was/am overwhelmed by their support.  A quick shout out to those that loved on me, THANK YOU!

All that said, it has been on my heart that even though there was so much truth in what I wrote, it was written in the flesh.  I didn’t take a moment and pray on it.  I let my feelings of hurt and anger control my fingers as I typed.  I didn’t take a moment to ask God if I should hit publish and for that, I am sorry.

I intend to leave the post.  I truly do believe it could help others to find their footing when dealing with friends/family/discounts.  If nothing else it gives a story of what not to let happen.  I wish I would have written it with more positivity and encouragement to my creative friends to find a formula that suits them and to remember their worth.  And maybe that will be something I do later on.

For now, this Ohio Christian photographer is asking forgiveness to any that may have been hurt.  Being a Christian doesn’t mean I’m perfect…..far from it.  I fail and sin all the time, but it is with His GRACE that I can be forgiven, learn, and do better next time.


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