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Several years ago, I joined this small church in Medway, Ohio. I was going through a very rough patch in my marriage, which would later lead to divorce, but I knew that in this rough time I needed Jesus. The church I grew up going to, as much as I love the people that make it, just didn’t fit my family and was a bit of a drive at an hour each Sunday. So after years of being invited to this little church, that was only 40 minutes away, I accepted and my life was forever changed.

Funny to think of it now and to realize what a life changing decision I didn’t realize I was making. I just thought I was finding a church that my kids could go to Sunday school while I went in to hear a message of hope and maybe find a way to heal my marriage.

One of the things this church does, is push 5 things….

  1. Read the Bible.
  2. Go to church.
  3. Tithe
  4. Find and do a God-job
  5. Join a small group

It has been over 3 years since I attended, so they obviously push those hard and they stick with a person. 😉

After a few weeks of attending Sunday service, a new friend invited me to do number 5. Haha! Saying it like that sounds so dirty or silly, I’m not sure which. This was new to me and the idea of it made me uncomfortable, especially being naturally introverted, but I went. I made friends and started doing life with them by my side helping me and in the stands encouraging me.

It was at the small group that I met Paul. He joined a year after me, I think. I got to know him and his son and I knew that I had a friend for life.

As all of our lives changed, there were moments of growth together and eventually apart. My life was in many ways taking a turn for the worse and I think that took a toll on my small group….no one wants to hear how awful my marriage and now divorce things are all the time. I understand that. I also was starting to feel differently about the church, so it made sense to ultimately leave both.

Thankfully many of the friendships I formed there stayed and I was overjoyed when my friend, Paul called to ask me to be his photographer.

Over the course of several months, I got to know Paul better and to know him and Brandy together. It makes me so happy that they have found each other and that their faith in Christ is so strong. I know that a marriage that is Christ-centered is blessed and I was truly blessed to be a part of their wedding along side our small group friend, Denny, who served as their pastor.

Congratulations, Paul and Brandy!!!


new carlisle ohio weddingnew carlisle ohio wedding

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the New Carlisle, Ohio or surrounding area, send me a message!  I’d love to chat with you!

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