it’s nice to meet you

Hi!  Welcome, friends!  I am a Columbus Ohio photographer that specializes in weddings in Ohio as well as destination weddings or fun elopements and proposals!  I help clients have fun and enjoy the wedding experience while creating emotion filled reminders of special moments that they can share.

You’ve made me so happy by taking the time to stop by Julie Lynn Photography!  I am a momma of 4 amazing kiddos; Jackson(13), Lucas(11), Amanda(9), and Michael(8). We have 3 cats; Charlie, Pumbaa and Timon. We also have 2 dogs; Griffin and Brutus.  <3

I grew up in Springfield, Ohio which is about 45 minutes west of  the Columbus area and after several years near Dayton my kiddos and I moved back to my hometown and into the Northridge neighborhood. We love this town!!

My kiddos are active in baseball, soccer, swimming, basketball, softball, band, choir, and all kinds of other things. We love to play outdoors and to discover fun new places together. We are always on the go!

Capturing love and relationships is my passion. I love the emotion an image can reflect and I love getting to experience clients seeing their photos and remembering those feelings.  

– julie

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Are we the Perfect fit?

facts about julie

I love peaches.  Peach pie, peach margaritas, peach cobbler, peach milk shakes, just about anything peach.

I believe in true love! <3 My couples inspire that hope.

I love the newborn baby smell. I once read that it’s like crack. 🙂

A Frosty with out French fries is crazy…if you don’t like your fries dipped in your frosty then we can’t be friends 😉


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Are we the Perfect fit?

facts about julie

I love to travel and hope to do more of it!  I love being a part of destination weddings and traveling to fun places to capture weddings.

The make up that I can’t live without; lip gloss, mascara, and powder.  Some days I add in an eye liner and if I’m going all out, there is eye shadow.

I don’t have a favorite color. How do people choose?  I have a favorite feel though…I love the beachy colors and feeling I get when surrounded by them.

I eat way too much mexican food.  Yum!

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Are we the Perfect fit?

facts about julie

I LOVE coffee. Black. Hot. Iced. Frozen. Basically coffee. I’ve also fallen in love with a good cold brew.  But sometimes, a little flavor or a latte is awesome! Lately my go to is an Iced Americano with a splash of cream and 2 pumps sugar-free caramel if they have it.

I love peanut butter on pancakes, celery, apples, bananas, etc.  Oh, and try it on corn on the cob…I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this! I’ve also been known to eat it off the spoon.

I cry during the anniversary dance at every wedding I shoot…there is something so amazing about the longevity of love.

the reason

my why

I love celebrating you.  You are meant to be celebrated and I want to capture a part of your amazing life for you.  

This is a special time of love and a hefty amount of planning.  When I am your photographer, I want to not only help you feel at ease in front of the camera, but I want you to feel special and relaxed knowing I am here to help you.  

I’ll make sure we get those special photos that you need and capture your first kiss.  I’ll take a moment to take a photo of you with your grandparents that are aging too quickly.  I’ll talk with the dj, the pastor, or your planner to help ensure your day goes smoothly.  Your day is meant to be full of joy and I want to do everything I can to help with that.

So all of these reasons are my why.  These and so many more.