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As I share more and more with you, I thought I could start sharing some good things. Things that I like to watch, wear, see, follow, you name it. Today I’m sharing a secret obsession….don’t worry, it’s a good thing!

Do you have a secret obsession? Or maybe it isn’t a secret that you like something, but how much you love and follow it is? 😶 
Want to know mine? Eek!!! 🙃

Ok, here it goes…. 🎂

It was her birthday January 24, exactly 2 weeks after mine, and I have to say I’m a little upset she doesn’t have her own emoji…..come on emoji peeps!!! 🎈

She loves watermelon, so that will have to do. 🍉

FIONA!!!!!! The hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo turned 2 a couple weeks ago and today is her momma’s birthday!!!! 2 years ago Bibi, who is 20 today, gave birth to a premature baby that required round the clock care. Nurses from Cincinnati Children’s came over and helped and Fiona brought the entire community together.

Image of Fiona from Cincinnati Zoo taken by Cassandre Crawford
Image of Fiona from Cincinnati Zoo taken by Cassandre Crawford

Fiona is such a sensation that she even has a wiki page, a book, I think a beer, and all kinds of other things…maybe even playing cards if I remember correctly. She really has brought people together as we watched her grow, meet her parents, sadly lose her dad, and continue to grow, learn and explore life with her mom. She’s so special.

This Spring I am planning a trip to the Cincy Zoo just to see her. I hope to capture some of my own photos of Fiona and share them with you!!!

She’s a miracle hippo and I can’t wait to go see her in person. Until then, she brings me joy as l follow her and her momma on Instagram. 😊 Click the link and you can follow her too!


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