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Oh my goodness friends!!!! How to fall behind….because that’s the goal, right!?!?!? Insert eye roll.

After a week of little to no time out of bed due to a grand combo of strep and flu, I am finally on the mend. Yay!!! Unfortunately this was not one of those times where you feel sick, but can still think and do things on the computer. This was a sickness where days seemed to go by and my eyes barely opened, I didn’t eat, and the idea of even texting was too much.

And now that I am ready to get back to work, I have an issue with my laptop….nothing that can’t be fixed, but it adds a couple days to my already behind schedule as I wait for Amazon prime to deliver.

I share this with you to keep it real. Sometimes things happen. I get sick. My kids get sick. The dog breaks a nail all the way down to the skin. The laptop charger breaks. You know, life… happens here too. I do my best to overcome and even make accommodations for such things, but it doesn’t always work. This time it didn’t.

There’s a line of you waiting for photos and I promise I have not forgotten you. Your names follow me and constantly nudge me to finish and I will. Please understand that any non-paid work will be the last to be finished as those who have paid are served first.

Thank you for your patience and know I am doing my best!!! I have so much blogging to catch up on too!!! I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to πŸ™‚


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