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Oh my goodness friends!!! I have been thinking about blogging and working on my website for the past few months or more and for so many reasons it hasn’t happened. Reasons I thought I would blog about….personal stuff, business stuff, wedding tips, new sessions…..all sorts of things and yet it just didn’t happen.

The thing is, I love to blog. It is a creative outlet for me, but I think I have been in this funk of writer’s block. Anyone else had this? What did you do to help?

I’ve decided the only way to pull myself out is to get started. Make a list of ideas and then start knocking it out. Lists make it all better 😉

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So to explain  I will lay it out really simple.

1. Choose idea from blog posts ideas list

2. Brainstorm what I want to say and make voice notes on my phone as I think of things to include

3. Search for photos to showcase or plan and take photos

4. Grab a beverage

5. Turn on Netflix, Amazon video, or hulu for background noise….be sure not to choose a show that you’ve never seen or will stop what you’re doing to watch. I made that mistake today with Being Mary Jane. 3 episodes in and I hadn’t typed 1 word.

6. Open up a new post and get to typing

7. Check it. Spelling check, read through to make sure it makes sense and then check your seo: make sure your post is long enough, you have good keywords, a good keyword distribution

8. Post or choose date to post

And that’s it. Your steps might be a little different than mine, but this is what works for me. And that list of ideas I mentioned….it is an ever growing stack of sticky notes in my planner. I love being able to pull one of those sticky notes off and throw it in the trash… is almost as good as my first sip of coffee in the morning!

So now you know how I do it. If you are looking to get started, you can try my way or maybe my way is nothing like you want. Either way I wish you luck and I hope you wish my luck in getting back in to the swing of writing.

I would love to check out your blog! Leave a link in the comments!!


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