Hard work equals ice cream


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I am a true believer in rewarding hard work and celebrating wins. I do it for myself in ways like buying a case of my favorite soda, Cherry DR. ENUF, that isn’t sold in my area….I have to order it online and have it shipped, so it’s a special treat 🙂 Or I’ve bought myself special pens for my life planner. Oh, and I once treated myself for a gold bag with a J on it to keep my pens and planner things like post-its to celebrate win.

Wins and hard work and knowing that it’s appreciated or just noticed are motivation to keep pushing forward. I want my kids to know that I see them. I see when they are doing their best and stepping outside their comfort zone.

So, after Jackson and Lucas’ soccer game….I love that they can play on the same team! Having two kids on one team when you have four kiddos playing soccer makes life just a little bit easier.

Ok, back to the game….Jackson and Lucas this part is to you.

I saw you score those two goals tonight. I saw you go after the ball and not back down. And I saw you get back up when the opponent tackled you. I saw you running as fast as you could to get to the ball first. I saw you guard your goal and keep the other team from scoring. I saw you. I am so proud of you. Not because your team won, although that is awesome, but I am proud of how hard you played. I’m proud of the way you’ve grown and learned about soccer and how to play. I am proud of your desire to continue to grow and become better and learn more. I’m proud of how you treat the other team when you win. I’m proud of you. And I’m honored to give you a little something to celebrate you tonight.

And with that, we got ice cream at UDF in Enon, Ohio. Jackson got a waffle cone with chocolate and sprinkles on it filled with cookies and cream ice cream. Lucas preferred a plain waffle cone with the same ice cream. I got a peanut butter shake and two happy boys.




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