Griffin McAfee takes J to school


Every. Single. Day.

It started out innocently. I was taking Jackson to school and Griffin wanted to go and I thought, why not? It was just me and Jackson in the car, so there was plenty of room in the back for Griff. Little did I know that Griffin would decide that every trip to get Jackson or drop off Jackson would become the trips that Griffin took J to school and picked up J from school.

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Griffin McAfee is such a special part of our family. You can read more about him here: Griffin McAfee or here: Griffin.

And he’s super smart! He’s come to know what time it is and when we need to leave to get J from school. He is like having an alarm set at 3:25pm every week day.

So I say, “time to get J,” and Griffin, who is already at the door, jumps and wags his tail. We walk to the car, no lead required any longer. I open his door….the one behind mine and he jumps in. As soon as I start the car, his window gets rolled down and his head is out.

Griff enjoys the wind and then comes in to check with me and make sure I’m going the right way and then back to the window. He watches as we turn in to the school and then gets more excited when he sees his J. And I swear it’s so special to see BOTH of them light up to see each other.

Now there have been a few times where Griffin couldn’t go to get J. I know I said before that he goes every time, but it’s more like every time he can. There’s been a couple days where J has an appt after school and Griff can’t go those days. And those days, Jackson walks to the car and asks where his friend is. It warms my heart to know how much he loves Griff and how much a part of our family he really is.

Saving Griffin has saved us in many ways. He’s taught us love. Patience. Loyalty. Resilience. Forgiveness. Fun! And so many more things. If you have a dog that is part of your family, you are truly blessed.



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