Griffin and Brutus | Happy National Dog day from a Columbus Wedding Photographer

Happy National Dog day from your Columbus wedding photographer!!!  I love holidays like this.  Do you call them holidays?  Maybe just special days?  I don’t know.  Regardless of what they are called, I love them!

I love that days like today celebrate the ordinary.  It gives us a chance to show off things that make us happy and we get to know one another better.  These days help create a better chance of feeling like you have like-minded people surrounding you and doing this life thing with you and isn’t that what life is about?

Meet Griffin.  Aww, my precious pit bull.  He looks vicious, eh? Ha!!  He’s the sweetest guy ever.  The only thing he attacks are lawn mowers and vacuums and I have to agree with him that both things are pretty scary.

griffin - happy national dog day from columbus wedding photographerWe found Griffin at our local Humane Society a few years ago…gosh, maybe almost 4 years ago!!!  In January of 2014, after seeing this precious face on facebook for almost 3 months, I caved.  I kept telling myself that if he is there next week, he’s meant to be part of our family, and each next week he was there.  So, one afternoon, after J’s basketball game, we stopped to meet him.  We decided a dog that gives kisses to complete strangers must be a good dog and took him home.

Griffin was shot one rainy evening after he bolted out the front door.  He used to do this ALL the time.  It was a serious problem, not because he would hurt anyone, but because he looks like the breed he is, people, neighbors were afraid of him.  Truth is, he just wanted to lick them and say hello after he stretched his legs.  But then one afternoon he bolted out the door and for hours I couldn’t find him.  Finally, my next door neighbor came over and told me that Griff was laying on the ground in front of the gate to our fence.  Something was wrong….I didn’t know it, but he had been shot.  The pellet is still next to his heart, but somehow, seriously…it was a God-thing, Griffin’s collapsed lung healed itself and he came home as healthy as ever.

Griffin doesn’t run out the door like he used to; I think it’s a maturity thing more than he learned his lesson.  He still likes to get out and stretch his legs, but now he is more patient for us to get a lead on him.

And now….

Meet Brutus.  I know we’ve talked about Brutus before….I know there’s a blog post somewhere that talks about how we foster-failed with him.  He came to live with us about 14 months ago.  He was my first foster through this organization and not at all what I expected.

brutus - happy national dog day from columbus wedding photographer

Brutus is shy.  So shy that he has mastered walking backwards like no other dog I’ve ever seen.  It took weeks for him to be ok being around us.  And months before he felt comfortable enough to come when we called him.  Even now, he is still silly, but every day he becomes more and more relaxed.

He’s learned that the little two-legged humans are usually in charge and he needs to do what they want even when he’d rather go off on his own.  And they have learned that when he’s done, he’s done.

Brutus and Griffin are best friends.  They go everywhere together.  Thankfully, Griffin seems to have taught Brutus that we’re ok humans that can be trusted and that they get cookies if they do what is asked of them.  They are amazing together and I’m so happy to have foster-failed.

griffin and brutus - happy national dog day from columbus wedding photographer


So, again, happy national dog day from your Columbus wedding photographer!  I would love to see photos of your dogs!!!!  Leave a comment and drop in a photo!





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