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Hey friends!   This Fall is flying by!!!  October is here and life has been taken over by school, soccer, and weddings.  Extra busy and loads of fun 🙂  It’s even still been in the 80’s some days, so we’ve been enjoying the chance to swim as much as possible before closing the pool for the winter.  I will swim everyday that we can!!!

Today I’m finally getting around to going through my personal photos in between editing weddings and I’m excited to share some with you!!!  I have lots, so there will be more to come too.

This is my baby’s first day of kindergarten.

Ah, he makes my heart happy.

We spent last year doing home school and after some prep work, he is ready to go to the same school as his brothers and sister….it’s a huge deal to him and all I heard about for the last year.  It’s also my last first day of starting kindergarten ever and a little harder to take than I had expected.  He was super excited, which did make it a better for me, but still sad that I’ll never get to do this again.

I guess it’s just one of those things when you know you’ve had your last child and all the firsts with him are bittersweet.

His first day started at the same time as his big brother’s school….thankfully they are in the same building.  And bonus, I finally got a “first day of school” photo of J even if it was a few days late.

Love them SO much!!!!  And I love to see them be so amazingly sweet to each other!!!!!

first day of schoolHappy first day, Michael!!!!  Love you to the moon!!

ps  Happy 2nd(?), maybe 3rd day of your first year of middle school, J!!!!  Love you too!!!  So proud of all you’ve accomplished this Summer!!!!!!

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