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As I opened up the back end of my website and started to open a new post for today, it occurred to me that I haven’t been keeping up with writing like I promised myself!!! That is crazy!! I have planned to write at the very least once a week and even though I knew that hadn’t happened, I had no idea it had been over a month at times. And to top it off I have spent a ton of time on here. I have been updating my landing page and redoing links and just all kinds of things to make it have a better flow.. So I’ve been here. Just failed to tell you. So, first up….

Hi! Welcome! I am an Ohio wedding photographer that recently spent a few days in Myrtle Beach with my family. 🙂 Guys, I have not been on a true vacation in over a decade and never one with my kids. How awful is that? You know life just keeps moving and for one reason or another you can’t get away…finances, medical issues, birth of a new baby, work, no pet sitter, divorce, etc. There was always something. And let’s be honest, finances seems to be the big one and just making time.

My kids and I have been dreaming of getting to the beach together and year after year I’ve said, “I’m sorry, I can’t afford it again. I promise I will try to save enough for next year.” And each year they say they understand. And then we stay home while their friends go off to fun places like Disney World. Yep, that is another one on our list. But this year I was determined to make it work.

So, I did. And it was the best decision I could have made. I needed it. They needed it. We needed it.

family time

We drove through West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and then South Carolina. We stopped and had a picnic on the turnpike and we drove through the tunneled mountains. We stayed in hotels where they fed us breakfast and had big bouncy beds to jump on. We ate at new restaurants like Outback, as well a few familiar ones like McDonald’s. And then we stayed in a hotel with pools and a fun slide and a view from our room of that ocean we had been trying to see for years. We could walk from our pools down the wooden steps to the sandy beach and swim in the ocean. It was perfect.

And so it was decided. A vacation isn’t just something fun to do if you can make it work. No. A vacation is something you do every year because it is a necessity. It is time with one another. It is learning new things. It is memories being made. It is time and money well spent. And it will happen next year. We aren’t sure where….Michael votes for a non-sand area, but we will find a place.

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