Cheese bread

When I was growing up in Springfield, Ohio, I used to spend time with my grandma going to the Marketplace downtown.  I loved that building and I loved going there with her.  I loved knowing that we would buy a loaf of cheese bread and when we got home she would make me a grilled cheese sandwich.


Over the years the Marketplace closed and went on to change again from what was once a thriving indoor place for local vendors, to what is now known as the Heritage Center.  There are exhibits and offices and a local coffee shop, Un Mundo.  You can find more info about it here: heritage center info



Although it’s great that they have continued to find great uses for the Marketplace, yes, I still call it that, I also miss having that enclosed street fair kind of place to shop for locally made goods.  So when I had the opportunity to check out the Second Street Market  in Dayton after my girl’s  model photo shoot, I jumped at it and was thrilled to share the experience with her!


The Second Street Market reminds me a lot of the old Marketplace.  There were people everywhere and we had to circle the building twice to find a parking spot.  As we walked closer to the building we could her a gospel choir singing hymns of worship.  We walked in and headed down the small corridor.  We spotted a lot of amazing local vendors.  Jewelry makers, candle makers, florists(I got an amazing deal on tulips!), and there were booths with crafts of all kinds.

And then I spotted one with bread.  Anyone else have a weakness for bread?  I do!  As soon as I found the cheese loaf, I knew I had to buy one.  Our hands were filled our hands with 10 bouquets of tulips that I got for a steal of $10, but I figured there was room for one more thing.  The wait seemed to last forever and don’t think I wasn’t counting the loaves of cheese bread on the shelf and making sure there would still be one left for us 😉  After we bought our loaf we headed back to the car.


I told Amanda the story of my grandma and how much it had meant to me to spend that time with her.  I told her that cheese bread was something special that just Grandma Mary and I would do together.  I told her that it brings back all these memories of my time with her.  Like sitting in front of her hallway mirror in my little chair and pretending to be a secretary typing with my little yarn haired doll.  I remember her orange and reddish pink carpet and the feeling of being there with her.


Isn’t it amazing how one thing, like a loaf of bread, can bring back so many memories?  Yesterday was my grandma’s birthday.  And I write this in remembrance of her.  She loved fully and she would to know that the cheese bread tradition was carried on.

Thank you, Big Sky Bread Company, for making cheese bread and being a vendor at the second street market a couple months ago.  It meant more to me than you could possibly know.


And Springfield, we need a market again!

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