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Hey boo! Writing to you while sitting in bed with my laptop in my lap. Timon has joined my laptop making typing fairly difficult, but every attempt to move him has failed….this little love muffin just comes back and purrs louder. Griffin and Brutus are at my feet and Pastor Perry is on the tv sharing today’s message. Have I mentioned how much I love being able to be a part of church from my bed? And Pastor Perry from Second Chance Church speaks truth. I’d take a photo to show all this to you, but then my live streaming from my photo to the tv would stop.

So what does that have to do with my birthday and flowers? Very little. Other than those flowers used to sit right next to where I am and brought me joy every time I glanced to my right.

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About 2 weeks ago it was my birthday. When you’re my age, birthdays aren’t quite the big deal they are when you’re a child, but it was still a pretty great day. Unless you are like me and start to wonder if you’re making the best life and get to overthinking….cause I did that. For a few minutes, but I did it. Ok. Moving on. 🙂

I was a little sick the morning of my birthday, but for the most part it started the same way. I woke up to my personal alarm cuddling in bed with me telling me that my phone alarm was going off and it was 6:30am. If you don’t have a personal alarm, you are missing out.

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Personal alarms sneak in to your bed while you’re sleeping, snuggle next to you, gently whisper in your ear that it’s time to get up, and then they give you an extra squeeze before getting up and getting themselves ready. Not only that, but they will help with waking others and packing lunches or letting dogs/cats out to potty. Personal alarms are the way to go. Get one 🙂

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So, kids went off to school, I did some work, a little cleaning, and then one kiddo had a doctor appt….which turned out to be canceled. And so I took the opportunity to take a long shower. Hoping the steam would help open my sinuses and the hot water beating on my shoulders would help release some tension. As I was getting out of the shower, I realized my mom had arrived and opened the door for someone from Schneider’s Florist.

coffee mug, birthday flowers, schneiders florist, springfield ohio photographer

Someone had sent me birthday flowers! It was an incredible surprise and absolutely made my day….heck, it made each day as I looked at them bedside until about 2 days ago when their time was up. They lasted for just over 2 weeks!!! And because whomever sent them knows my love for coffee, I’ll be reminded of the kind gesture each time I grab for a cup of coffee each morning.

florist, schneiders florist, springfield ohio

Maybe you’re asking why I keep saying someone rather than naming this incredibly kind person, yeah? They didn’t sign the card. The card simply says “LOVE YOU!” So to whomever this kind, thoughtful, loving person is that sent me gorgeous flowers and took the time to remember me on my first of many 39th birthdays, THANK YOU!

springfield ohio florist, schneider's florist, wedding photographer, birthday flowers

And thank you Schneider’s Florist! You did an excellent job! Your flowers lasted far longer than I expected and were gorgeous!


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