7/365 of 2017

Day 7

Hello, Day 7!  What a day!!!  You know how some days are just so packed with activities that your day seems never-ending?  This was one of those days.  And the weird part about that…..it really wasn’t THAT busy.  We have had FAR busier days.

You know my sleeping problem, well, that was in effect last night too, but somehow I was falling asleep by 2!!!  It was great!!  I was playing Plants vs Zombies, don’t judge me, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I kept dozing off as I was trying to destroy the graves and keep the zombies from eating my brains.  It was a real problem, so I had to turn my phone off and let my eyes close.  And I slept.  Sure I had to get up at 6am and even though I went back to bed the kids weren’t really in to the idea of me sleeping in, but I was able to doze off a little.  It was sleep.  and it was much needed.

Then we hung out, ate popcorn, did the morning chores and got ready for Michael’s soccer game.  No worries, it’s indoor soccer.  Way too cold to be doing much of anything outside for this lady!

Man, I love to watch my kids have fun doing sports!  Michael was definitely having fun.  He made sure to know where I was at all times as he ran around the field in pack with the other kids.  Occasionally he would blow a kiss or say, “I love you” and even ask me if I was going to take his picture. And of course I reciprocated the kisses and loves….and I took some pics.

The exciting thing about today’s game???  He made contact with the ball!!!!  More than once!!!  It always amazes me how little he makes contact in a game because when he is kicking with me or his siblings, he is aggressive….not so when he’s with his team.

The pic below was just after making contact with the ball.  I was so excited for him to stop the ball that I cheered him on and only remembered that I was taking pics a half second later….I’m just glad the ball is still in the frame!

Sure, I’m a little bummed to not have the perfect pic of him making a stop, but you know what!??!  I was living in the moment.  Isn’t that what we should be doing anyway?  I know for sure I will never regret that moment of just living and I don’t think Michael will either.

pic of day 7 in 2017

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