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Day 70

I can’t believe I’m posting this picture.  Now, don’t get me wrong….I know I have posted some doozies in this 365.

They are by no means a perfect set of photos.  They are real.  The photos are snapped with my phone many times and rarely in the best of conditions.

But this photo.  Goodness.  Well.  At least the kid in the background is almost in focus.  My kid.  Well. You can tell he is smiling and happy….that is something.

That is a good thing.  We were both enjoying ourselves.  He was playing soccer and I was watching.

We know it was a good moment.  Blurry.  Yes.  But you know.

Don’t we all have imperfect photos of happy times because we were more in the moment than observing….And I’m ok with that.  Right?!?  Be a part of the memory.

That’s the goal.  Being a part of my kids lives and not just an observer.

I’m pretty sure in this moment he was happy and I was giving a thumbs up or sharing a smile.  I may have tried to capture it and failed in the technical aspects, but I know that he and I were having a moment right here.

So, yeah!

I AM sharing this photo.

I am proud of this photo.

This photo says Momma loves her boy and he loves her.

It says he still needs reassurance from momma and to know she is watching.

It says we care about each other.

It says I was paying attention rather than playing on my phone.

It says LOVE.

Deep breath.


I am sharing this amazing photo with you.  It reminds me that I am needed.  And some days I need to be reminded of that.

I think we all could use a little more reminding that we are needed.  Someone loves us and needs us.  or maybe there is someone that will come to love us.

I saw this State Farm commercial today.  #neighborhoodofgood  Basically saying that we are needed to be the good in this world.  We see so much bad stuff and we want to help but we don’t know where to start.  They want to help you find a place to turn your care into doing.  And it is saying to start in your neighborhood.  Start at home.  Because filling a need at home changes the world.  So they have a website that can help you fill the needs: https://neighborhoodofgood.statefarm.com/

And wow!  Did I just go from nothing to say about a blurry pic to something big?!?!?!  Crazy how my mind works, eh!?  Ha!


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