6/365 of 2017

Day 6

I cheated.

You heard me.

I cheated the 365.

And today felt so weird.  I kept thinking, “Maybe I should grab a pic of that?  Oh, no, I have a photo.”

But maybe I should take a different photo?  Hmm, is what I did ok?  Oh goodness!  There are no rules and yet I have made this 365 full of rules that overwhelm me.  My one rule….ok, for those that are following, did I mention rules in day 1? I think I said the only rule was that I would use my Nikon and not just my phone for pics.  Right?  ok, that’s what I’m going with.  Thanks.

Now, let’s talk today.

How did I cheat?

Well, the last several weeks I have had trouble sleeping.  Trouble sleeping isn’t exactly new, but not getting to sleep until after 3am regularly is.  And that is where I’ve been.  It’s like I miss my window to fall asleep.  Around 7:30pm I am exhausted and I could easily fall asleep, but here’s the problem….I’m a mom of 4 kiddos.  ‘giggle’  Moms of 4 kiddos don’t get to fall asleep at 7:30pm.

So last night this cutie patootie fell asleep.  And around 11pm when I checked on him I noticed something that made my heart smile.

You see that Zuma band aid there on his cheek?  He did that for me!!!!

He asked me my favorite paw patrol pup while we were doing the bedtime dance.  You know the dance, right?  Everyone runningin different directions and repeating yourself over and over about brushing teeth, and getting pjs, or turing off the tv, and getting backpacks ready for the morning, and who is helping with the dogs tonight, and, yeah, you get it.  And please tell me you know the pups…Chase, Rocky, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Zuma.  If not, you can check out Ryder and the gang here: http://pawpatrol.com/index.php?loc=en_na

So, I didn’t notice at the time, but he went through each band aid and picked out Zuma because I said he was my fav.

Isn’t that the sweetest?

It was 11ish and I figured I would be up for another few hours, so why not take my pic for today.  Day 6 was taken shortly after midnight of my sweetie, Cole, sleeping.

I love his nail polish too.  He says it’s girl stuff, but he can pretend…boys can pretend, right momma?  Absolutely sweet, Cole.  Pretend away.

day 6 of 365

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