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Day 57

Here’s a bit of a business post.  🙂

I like to give my clients gifts.  I have given boxes of cookies, candies, gift cards, and then there’s the gift of I thought about giving a gift and never got to it or couldn’t decide.  oops!

The trouble is finding something to give them that isn’t too expensive, but doesn’t seem cheap.  Plus you want it to be something that they would actually want!!!  I hate the idea of giving a gift that they aren’t going to like and will pitch into the garbage.  No one wants that!!!

Food is good, but what about allergies or if the bride is watching her diet to fit in the dress?  So, sometimes I want something different.  I have searched online and usually come up with little to no ideas.

Below is one idea.  It’s soap!  Hand-made by a company out east in Virginia.  The company is The Daily Scrub.  The soaps are amazing and I really want to use them.

They make beautiful soaps.  I ordered 10 to try so that I could find the right scent for my clients and the one below was my favorite.  It may not be much to look at….it is brown, cream, and a little yellow here and there, but it smells amazing.  A perfect mixture of coffee and other stuff….but, COFFEE! 😉 And it is pretty in it’s own right…just not the most eye-fetching of the soaps that she offers.

So is soap a good gift?  And if so, what else goes with it?  Do I go all themed out and do a bubble bath or spa kind of box as a thanks for booking?  I don’t know.

I love the idea of these soaps and I would love to come up with an idea that includes them.  If you have any ideas, I will gladly welcome them.

So if you were to receive a welcome gift from your photographer, what would you want in it?  If it included hand-made soaps, what else should be included?

Thanks!!!  You know, maybe this should be posted in my business side.?  Hmm, something to think about 🙂

Almost certain that this will appear in the business IG feed!  Feel free to catch me over there! www.instagram.com/julielynnphoto

57/365 in 2017 soap

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