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Day 55

red plate day!!

this is something cool that J’s teacher does.  at the beginning of the year, she sent home a red plate.  with it came instructions to put this plate up in a special place.  On certain days when the student did exceptionally well or had something good, she would send a little note to use the red plate.  Then at dinner, we could ask what was special about his day.

It’s is a great idea and I love that his teacher took the time and expense of this on for all her students.  Every child deserved to be celebrated.  This is a pretty amazing way to do it!

I hope to continue this on with all my kids.  I had heard about doing it, probably from pinterest, but like so many things that I pin, it just stays there on my board.  this was actually done.  this is what a happy kid looks like when he is recognized for being him.

love this boy!!!

I really believe that having something special like this, just for him, a way to be recognized for doing good, is good for him.  It shows that we aren’t just looking for the negative and reasons to discipline him, but we are looking AND acknowledging the good.  I strive to do that at least once a day and more if possible.  I give a thank for….or I like how you….  Things like that can make all the difference.

brb, going to go see if I can find the pin I have for something like this…

sorry.  may have gotten side-tracked.  there were some pins about tattoos that looked cool.  there was a good kitchen organizing one too.

and well, apparently pinterest is having some issues.  every time I search it gives me the same 6 or so pins and nothing like I am searching.  I can’t open my own boards either because it isn’t finding them.

later, I will definitely find the pin and post it.

55/365 in 2017 red plate

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