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Day 53

My sweet sleepy girl and her sweet boys.

Some days I can write pages and pages about these photos and have to scale back and then there’s days like today where I just want to post the photo and be done.  I mean there are things I could say.  And they are all sweet and I love how much they all love each other.   But if you read day 51 which I wrote about an hour ago, you might have realized that there was little motivation tonight.

Yes, I love my kiddos.  yes, there are stories here, but sometimes I just want to post our photo.  Please forgive me.

I have work to catch up on, a studio to clean, an album to design, rack cards to design and order, and blog posts to organize and plan…actual business posts 🙂  I started a business post last week, but getting hit with strep and took me out of the game for a bit.  I think I’m still kind of getting over it and trying to get back to 100%.

Part of me wants to get back to the gym too….it’s been way to big a break.  Ugh.  All these things take time and right now, I feel like I have very little.  I have to remind myself to just keep swimming.  Make my lists, swim and check things off as I go.  Swim some more, and swim and swim.

Maybe what is so hard about the posts I’ve written today is that they aren’t actually from today.  These are about a month old and I am late getting them posted.  So new things are on my mind and I just want to keep pushing ahead.

Whatever the reason, I will likely post some pics here and there with little captions.  And even as I type that out, the business side of my brain is screaming, but you’re missing out on the SEO possibilities.  eek!  What to do!?!?!

So this is my sleepy girl.  She loves Charlie.  He loves being loved….typical cat.  And the dogs love her/him too.  We are a multi-species family and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!  xoxo

53/365 in 2017 sleepy

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