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Day 50

Haha!!  Oh yeah!  I remember this day.  That computer back there shows where I’m trying to work.  That cat, Pumbaa, is laying on the keyboard saying no.  Story of my life when I work from home.

He’s a funny guy.  Pumbaa was originally a stray that after a few months I coaxed over to me with salami.  From then on he trusted us more and more and now.  Well.  When he comes inside, this is where he stays….here and on my chest or right next to me as I sleep.

He’s still an outdoor cat.  He loves his time outside exploring.  He’ll whine at the door to go out and potty, which is great, but want to know something I’ve discovered?!!?!  He uses the potty!! Well, it’s the shower, but he makes sure all the pee goes down the drain!!!

I know!  Crazy!!!  This stray cat is so smart.  I would have loved my non-strays to figure this out.  But here is this “toss away” cat that has figured out where to pee when he can’t get outside and it is perfect.

The first time it happened, Pumbaa whined at me to let him outside, but I couldn’t until after I got to use the potty.  As I sat there, Pumbaa climbed in the bathtub and peed.  I could not believe my eyes.  It had to be a fluke, but then a couple weeks later he had whined at the door and I wasn’t allowing him out because certain unwelcome visitors had been known to take my cats where coming and I wanted him safe, but he did it again.  The shower is his personal toilet.

If only I could get him to use the actual toilet and poop in there too.  eh.  not going to be greedy.  love this special boy!!

50/365 in 2017 pumbaa potty

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