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Day 49

One thing I have realized as I add in these photos that I took and didn’t blog….I did better than I thought.  I think since the first of January, there has only been one day when I didn’t take some sort of photo.  I thought I was failing by a lot, but turns out it was just once and I think I can forgive myself for that one day.

I haven’t been taking my big girl camera with me every day  as I did in the beginning.  I started needed it to charge and was always trying to find a clear memory card.  I would love to go back to carrying it, but I am giving myself grace for this right now.  I am forming the habit of taking a photo.  The camera carrying will come later.  HA!  Now how funny would that last sentence sound to someone from 20 years ago?!!?!

Amanda has loved learning basketball this year!  I am so proud of how far she’s come and how much she’s grown.  Grampy is too….he’s made it to all or almost all of her games….which has been a great help when my boys have games at the same time in a different town.  We are pretty fortunate to have him!

Every Tuesday night she would be so excited.  First dance and then basketball.  It was always a momma/daughter evening and we both loved that special time together.  Plus we got Taco Bell either on the way to basketball or on the way home from basketball….no matter what, the Mac girls were getting some Taco Bell.

49/365 in 2017 basketball

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