4/365 of 2017

Day 4

I did something a little different today.  I actually planned this photo!!!  I know!!  Crazy talk! 😉  But as I was going to bed last night and checking my messages, I was reminded that J had a dr appt today.  I thought, “Awesome!  That’s a perfect picture opportunity for the 365!”  I then proceeded to get my camera ready and made sure the memory card was cleared.  Everything was ready.

Then this morning came way too fast! A doctor appt on the first day back to school after Christmas break may be awesome for J, but for me it meant getting dressed earlier than I cared to and having to talk to people before my coffee.  I snuggled Cole as long as I could and then we both hopped up and I helped him get dressed.  I kissed my kiddos good-bye, while also thanking God that my mom was here to take them to school.  Then I ran to throw on my clothes and cursed myself for not setting the coffee timer last night.

J and I left and headed to his appt.  He sat in the back for a change because the door was frozen shut, but he didn’t seem to mind because he could still play his games on the tablet.  As I drove I was thinking of the quickest way there and trying to figure out if there were any good places for coffee along the way.  There weren’t.  At least not on this trip.  Sigh.  Still cursing that coffee timer.

We made it to the appt on time and I debated different photos as I checked him in.  I was handed a stack of papers to fill out for the new year and even thought that I could take a photo of those, but in my head I already had this pic planned and I was going through with it.

So once in the room and checked in by the MA, I told J that he’d have to allow me this one photo.  He did.  He was actually amazing about it.  I almost fell over trying to get as far away from him as possible to get it all in the frame and then I was wishing I had a wider lens.   A wider lens would definitely have changed the feel of this photo and I am certain I will have to get it on one of our next visits.  For now though.  This is J waiting for the dr.

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