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Good morning, friends!! One of the coolest things about social media is being able to go back through your photos from years ago with ease. And even better is that memory reminder from Facebook.

I’ve shared that I’m based in Springfield Ohio. I grew up on the south side, moved away for a short few years, and then moved back now on the north side. Sometimes Springfield Ohio seems to get a bad rap, but living here it just is home.

I’m not going to sugar coat it and say nothing bad happens, in fact, I’m very aware that bad things do happen. Today I was reminded of one of those bad things.

4 years ago after a basketball game, my J and I stopped at PetSmart to see a certain dog named Doughboy brought in for adoption by our local humane society. I had been following Doughboy, hoping he’d find a loving home for the last 3 months. I had a special, unexplainable connection to him and although I wanted him to find a home, I also wanted our home to he his home.

Week after week I told myself that he would find a home. He was too sweet and handsome for someone not to adopt him. I also made myself and perhaps God a deal that if he was still there after 3 months, I would go meet him and probably bring him home.

J and I went in and there was another couple looking at him. Ok….we weren’t needed. But then they left. So J and I met Doughboy. He bathed us with kisses and then a few papers and a check later, her was ours.

We named him Griffin. He was sweet and gentle with everyone, but his flaw was escaping out the front door when the door was left open. Unfortunately it was a game to Griffin to have us chase him. We learned that if we just ignored him, he would come back.

So that’s what we did. That and tried to get the kids to be more aware of the door all while researching ways to keep this from happening. I looked in to electrical collars and training techniques to help.

Then one rainy evening in October 2014, he got out. I drove around looking for him, but after a while went home to wait. A couple hours later, my neighbor knocked on our door.

Griffin was laying by the gate and something was wrong. I brought him in and sat with him. His breathing was off and I debated the urgency of his injury. Nothing was visibly wrong besides the labored breathing. And as a single mom of 4, a late night emergency vet visit was not in the budget.

I sat next to Griffin and tried to calm him and figure out what was causing the labored breathing, praying it would get better. It didn’t though. His breathing got worse and I decided he had to be seen right away.

Springfield Ohio

Griffin had been shot. Twice. Once in the head which amounted to a simple flesh wound and once in the chest. His lung had collapsed and fluid was building on his chest. His chances were grim.

I was in the impossible position of letting him go because he was unlikely to survive and surgery was not a good option or try to let him recover overnight in an oxygen chamber and they would pull the fluid off his chest, but this would cost thousands.

How do you choose? Money you need to provide for your children, right?!!? But our beloved dog…. and his chances were so low.

I can’t logically explain my choice.

The Dr came in the room, I had signed the consent form to let him go, the euthasol was drawn in a syringe on the table and everything was a go…..everything but my heart. I told them to stop.

I needed to give Griff a chance.

Springfield ohio

What a blessing that decision has been!!!!!

Griffin still has a pellet lodged near his heart, but by the grace of God and many answered prayers, a miracle happened. His lung sealed itself and somehow he improved against all odds.

Springfield ohio

We love our boy!!!! He’s become the ultimate best friend to my youngest, Michael. They sleep together, hang out, play, and love one another so much. Griffin is a blessing.

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