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Day 37

This winter has been all about crazy weather.  It’s been in the 60’s and below zero.  Thunderstorms and snow.  All out craziness from day to day.

This is why it isn’t all that odd for me to tell you that my kiddos played in the backyard today.  They had on light jackets or long-sleeve shirts and didn’t seem to get cold one bit.  They also rode their scooters for a bit.

It was a perfect Spring day ;p  HA!

And you know what is awesome about Spring days in the middle of Winter?  The kids LOVE them!!!  They are excited to get out and play and they are in great moods!!!

My 3 oldest rode their scooters and played together while Michael and my mom ran to pick up dinner and I worked.  When they got back, all the kiddos went out back while my mom and I made dinner.  And then when it was time to come in, now this will surprise you, there were no arguments!!!!!

They came in and washed their hands like they were told!!!!!  It was so great!

Now the rest of the night was pretty typical, but those precious few hours where they got along and everyone was at peace were amazing!  I would love to have those few hours every day, but I know not to be greedy! I will take those hours from today and treasure them.

At one point I went to the window to check on them as dinner was cooking and saw this scene below.  It was truly magical!  I raced to get my camera and prayed nothing would chance while I was gone.  Nothing did.  They were still playing and loving each other.

What a blessing!  I will gladly welcome any Winter day that wants to be a Spring day 😉

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