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Day 34

Dayton seems to be a place that I can’t stay away from these days.  It used to make me angry.  I hated traveling to Dayton because of what it reminded me of and how hard things are that I have to deal with there….it is my county of divorce and on-going custody issues.

So every time I had to travel to Dayton, I would become anxious.  It didn’t matter if I was going for something beautiful like a wedding or if it was to meet my attorney; the feelings were the same.  Dayton just represented heart-ache.

Traveling to Dayton is inevitable.  So I decided I needed ways to deal with the ongoing need to travel to Dayton for personal issues and work.  I needed ways to cope and maybe even change the perception.

One of the things I worked on was to focus on getting to see the beautiful architecture.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I love the Old Montgomery County Courthouse.  It is always a highlight to see as I drive down main street and turn on to 3rd.  And this building below.  On the corner of 2nd and hmm, maybe someone can help me out with the cross street.  The details are incredible.  And I get to see it every time I go to Dayton!

The building below and the Old Courthouse and countless other buildings throughout Dayton have made it easier for me make my trips.  Sure, I still have times that I dread going, but as I start the drive and get on to route 4, I begin to think about where I will park and if I’ll have a good chance to see my favorites.

I know this has to sound silly to some, but it works for me.  And really, isn’t it better to find joy in anything, no matter how silly, than to be miserable?  I think it is.

I am hoping to get a chance to photograph another wedding in Dayton.  Maybe we can hit up some of my favorite buildings too!!

And if you’re wondering if I went to Dayton today, the answer is yes.  After last night’s visit I needed to talk with my attorney.  It was a good visit.  He said he isn’t going to let me go to jail…so I would say that is a happy visit.  All is as good as can be for now 🙂

34/365 in 2017 dayton

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