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Day 33

Focus on the good.  focus on the good.

Oh, man!  It is one of those days.

It started off good.  A little rushed, but good.

By the evening, the kids and I were having a movie night in the living room.  Tangled, one of my favorite Disney movies, was playing while Michael and Amanda sat on my lap.  I was starting to nod off when someone knocked at the door.

I won’t go in to details, but I will say that the visitor caused a lot of stress.

And unfortunately, my kiddos, especially my girl, are very aware of when I am stressed and sad.  She questioned me and said she understood if it was grown-up stuff and I didn’t want to talk about it.  I said it was, but welcomed her hug.


That is the bad part.  I hate my kids seeing me upset.  My girl actually guessed the real reason I was upset…what do you do with that?  You can’t lie and yet it is still a grown-up thing.  It’s hard when your kiddos are smart and observant.

So what do we do?

I mean, really. Tell me.

Maybe this is a chance to focus on the good.  We here that phrase a lot, so put it in to action.

I emailed my attorney and got a response within the hour.  That was good.

He told me not to worry and he had my back.  That was good.

My kids love me and like to hug me.  That is good.

I have a supportive family.  That is good.

There is good.

I’m off to bed.  Here’s to a better tomorrow.

33/365 in 2017 focus dayton wedding photographer

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