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Day 30

I am finding that a lot of my photos are a split second decision.  There isn’t an elaborate plan most days.  I see something that I like and I take fractions of a second to decide if it is worth it to get my camera.

Will the photo I envision still be there in a few seconds after I get my camera settings correct?  Will my subjects notice the camera and stop doing what I saw?  Should I just sit here and enjoy the moment because it might not be there in a few seconds?

This was no different.  My boys were playing on my phone together.  They were being nice to each other.  There was sharing and kind words.  It was amazing!

I took a few moments to take it in.  Let the joy in the room shower over me and then I carefully scooted off the bed while trying not to disturb them.  I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my camera and a memory card.  As I walked back I messed with the settings and got it to where I thought would be about right.

It was too!  I gently sat down on the bed and pulled my camera up to my face.  They hadn’t noticed anything.  I clicked a few photos and then I readjusted to get a better angle.

This is when the lil’ man noticed me.  He started grinning and posing for the photos.  Thankfully, Lucas playing recaptured Michael’s attention and I was able to get this photo.

I know it isn’t perfect to the outside critical world, but to me it is everything.  These boys are my heart.  I love to see them together and loving each other.

I guess it’s one of those things where you realize you haven’t screwed up your kids.  By God’s grace,  we are all doing ok.

my phone day 30

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