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Day 28

Amanda got to play in her first basketball game today.  To say she was excited is an understatement.

I had the difficult task of choosing between Michael’s soccer game in Enon/Fairborn and Amanda’s first basketball game.  Since it was her first game, I thought it was important to be there and I am very fortunate to have my mom willing to take Michael.

When Amanda, Lucas, and I arrived, we made our way inside dropped Amanda off in her team room.  This was a little different than it had been with my older boys.  The parents were always encouraged or at least welcomed to stay with the team until game time, but this team had you drop off and go.  Pretty sure that was harder for me than Amanda….letting them grow up is hard!

Lucas and I made our way to the gym entrance and sat in the wing-backed chairs while we killed time.

When the previous game ended, we made our way in to the improvised gym.  I found a couple seats on the north side and hoped I had chosen the correct side.  We sat for a few minutes and then saw Amanda’s team on the south side.

We grabbed our things and searched for a new seat.  By this time, all the chairs were taken and reserved with coats, so I had Lucas follow me to the steps that lead to the stage.

I think the seats we found worked out pretty great for photos!  I took photos during the first period she played and then put it away so that I could fully concentrate on her and enjoy the now.

Amanda played 3 of the 6 periods.  She had so much fun.  I could tell she didn’t always know what to do, but I am pretty sure she did better as a first grader than I did the one time I tried as an eighth grader.

I’m super proud of her!


28/365 in 2017 basketball

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