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Day 27

Welcome, again, to my studio.  Amanda and I had an impromptu session together tonight and it was so much fun!

Originally, Amanda came to the studio with me to set up for a puppy session.  2 puppies actually.  We grabbed dinner and then hung out, listening to music while we tried to puppy proof the studio.

About 15 minutes or so after the puppies were set to arrive, I accidently sent some weird thing on fb messenger.  It really was a mistake.  I was trying to go back and read our messages to make sure that I didn’t screw up the times.

Immediately, the puppies’ foster mom sent a message apologizing.  She was still on her way back to the Dayton area from Cincy and there was no way she would make it.  She had forgotten.

Not gonna sugar-coat it.  I was irritated and to be fair, it was for more than just her forgetting.  The forgetting, I get it.  I forget things too.  Being a mom and trying to do it all doesn’t always work out.

So I had a few choices.  I could give in to my irritation and get angry, I could forgive and then just head home, or I could choose to have fun and make the best of the situation….btw, I know there are far more choices, ha. I decided to make the best of it.

I grabbed Amanda from the window ledge she had perched herself on while searching for the perfect song and asked if she wanted to take some photos with me.  Being the blessed momma that I am, she said of course she would!!!

We started out with photos to get the lighting right, but then it morphed in to us having a conversation.  I’d give directi0n. She’d mistake her left for her right.  We’d laugh.  She’d make funny faces.  It was amazing!

This photo….I can’t help but smile and giggle a little when I look at it.  I can almost hear her giggle.  Can you hear it?  And those front teeth making their way in to bless her smile forever.

This is why I am a photographer.  The emotion I feel when I see this photo.  Her joy that overwhelms me.  The stories and laughter that I hear in her eyes.  This is what I love about photography.27/365 in 2017 studio

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