27 items to include in your wedding day prep kit

Let’s talk wedding day prep kits.  Have you thought about making one?  Do you know what they are?  Read on to learn more!

wedding day prep

It’s almost your wedding day and you’re making the final preparations.  You’re planning for the perfect day, and I truly hope it is, but more than likely you are going to need some extra items while you’re getting ready.  Spending the wedding day with brides has given me a first-hand look at what brides and their wedding party needs as they get ready.

wedding day prep

I know you want to be fully prepared, because you’re here!!!  You can make a kit or you can have your made-of-honor or members of your bridal party get the following list.  Maybe you won’t need any of it, but I recommend having these things so you are fully prepared.

  1. sewing kit –  there’s always a chance that a button will fall off or a zipper won’t work.  A sewing kit has been used at more than one of the wedding days I’ve photographed.  One of my brides had to be sewn
  2. music – a quiet room while you’re getting ready can be a bore.  Music makes it fun and can lift spirits.
  3. lotion – because someone will need it.  always.
  4. bobby pins – extra bobby pins are always great to keep your hair in place.  they can also be used for buttoning the corset on your wedding gown.
  5. water – stay hydrated.  Some of the rooms used to get ready are small and cramped.  They can also be incredibly hot.
  6. hairspray – you probably had your hair done early in the morning.  I know they likely used a lot of hairspray already, but there is often a piece here or there that isn’t cooperating.  Have some hairspray close by for those random pieces, especially if it is humid.  Plus hairspray can be used to set your make-up in a pinch.
  7. deodorant – it’s been a busy morning and maybe your forgot to put some on.  Your nerves could be getting a little work out too.  It’s a great idea to have your deodorant just in case.
  8. eye lash glue – hopefully you won’t need this, but just in case your eye lashes start to come off, it is good to have this handy.
  9. clear nail polish – this can be used to fix a nail issue, but it can also be used to stop a snag in your hose.  If you are getting married during the mosquito biting months, you can use this to cover your bites and help stop the itch.
  10. otc meds: Tylenol, tums, Pepto-Bismol – someone will need one of these.  It might be you.
  11. safety pins
  12. wet wipes – good to freshen up or clean up.
  13. lint roller
  14. extra hose – if you are wearing hose, you need an extra pair in case the rip or tear.
  15. mints – for fresh breath for your first kiss 🙂
  16. tooth-brush/paste – fresh breath and a clean smile for all the photos
  17. floss – floss is good for flossing, of course, but you can also use it as thread to sew.  I often use it to cut things in half, like muffins or cupcakes.
  18. nail clippers and file – for any nail mishaps.  the clippers can also be used as scissors for stray threads on your gown.  and the file can be used to scuff up your new shoes so that you are less likely to slip and fall.
  19. super glue – this can be used to many things.  I’ve seen it used for a broken heel on your pumps.
  20. phone charger – your phone or your party’s phones are going to get used, a lot.  take your chargers.  you might use them for music or to take lots of photos and to keep in touch with vendors.  You don’t want to take a chance of missing an important message because your phone died.
  21. double-sided tape – you can use this to keep your dress from bulging and showing too much.  It can be used to hem a dress that is too long.  You may not need it at all, but I’ve seen it used too many times not to have it.
  22. straws – so you don’t mess up your lip stick
  23. band aids –  for any accidents and for blisters
  24. snacks – you’re gonna get hungry.  take snacks!
  25. anti-chafing gel – wedding gowns are often very hot.  you are likely going to be sweaty….some brides even have a fan place under their table at the reception to keep them cool.  You don’t want to get sore, so apply some anti-chafing gel before your wedding.
  26. white chalk – this can be used to clean up any spots you may have gotten on your dress
  27. dry shampoo – remember how I said wedding gowns are likely to be hot?  This can help with sweat!  Sprinkle some on your back, on your legs, or on your stomach/chest.

Did I miss something in the wedding day kit?  Or do you have another use for what I listed?  Leave me a comment and I’ll update the list!!  Thanks!

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