26/365 in 2017

Day 26

Oh gosh!!!  This day!!!  ha!  I sometimes write these posts as I go throughout the day.  And then at the end of the day I am wishing I had written it down so I could remember it all.  This is one of those days.  Where to start….let me break it down.

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muddy dogs

chuck e cheese



Ok, so I know that I had ideas before this, but let’s just go with what I can think of now!  🙂

This afternoon I made a trip to downtown Dayton.  Downtown Dayton is, strangely, one of my favorite places to go and admire the architecture.  Strange because this is the place I go for so many awful things in my life.  I guess admiring the architecture is my way of making a place that brings me so much negativity into a place that I enjoy.

While on my way to my attorney’s office, I remembered how I wanted to take photos of some of the building and decided it would make a great 365 entry.  I pulled out my camera and snapped a photo of the Old Montgomery County Courthouse.  It’s a beautiful building, one I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph during a wedding.

I reached the high-rise and found a parking place just outside the doors!  I fed the meter and hoped that 30 minutes would be enough time.  30 minutes was usually enough time, but there’s always a chance that it could go longer.

On the way up the elevator to the 21 floor I thought of things around the office that I could take a photo of if not a building.  The chairs, the desks, the view, or maybe nothing?  It depended on how quickly everything moved and if I could find a moment to pull out my camera.

Well, it was a quick visit.  Good but quick.  So as I left, I still had to figure it out.  I entered the elevator to go down and started searching for my keys.  Ugh!  They are never easy to find!  So I pulled out my camera to make more room to see and realized I could take a photo of the buttons all lit up.

I started to refocus on the buttons and my camera when the elevator came to a stop.  Quickly, I glanced at the numbers above the door to realize I would soon be joined by someone from the 16 floor.  Probably should just look for my keys.

When the door opened, a handsome man about my age walked in.  We said hello and he said something about taking some photos.  I of course, being socially awkward, fumbled to say I was taking a photo, but at the moment was looking for my keys.  I shared that I was doing a photo project of a photo a day and he shared that he had bought a dslr and was taking a class at Dodd camera.

We talked down the 16 floors and then for a few moments in the lobby.  My camera, my profession, my hobby, my project, had made for a good conversation with a stranger.  We didn’t share names and we were visually pretty different in all other aspects….  It was just a love for photography that gave us a common ground.

It was a moment that I needed to remind me of how much I love being a photographer.  I love sharing my knowledge and I love sharing photos.  I am certain this is a gift given by God to bless others.  Bless them with my work or with information about photography or just being there in their special moments to bless them with the love of God.  I pray that each day I am become more successful in fulfilling His purpose for me.

And then on to the photo below.  On the way home from Dayton, I called my mom and had her meet me at Chuck E. Cheese.  We took the kids and they loved it.  It was a great way to spend a Thursday evening.


26/365 in 2017 chuck e cheese dayton

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