2/365 of 2017

Day 2

Over the last week or so, I’ve had a sinus infection.  I debated going to the doctor at the start of it, but I hate going to the doctor.  And I figured I could handle it on my own.  I was doing pretty good using over-the-counter meds, staying hydrated, and blowing my nose a lot.   Then today hit me.  I realize that I am not handling it so well.  Maybe I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow.  Or not.  Ha!

I’ve felt pretty run down today and have loved spending time just hanging out.  We watched movies, napped, ate left-overs, and even did some nail painting.  Then bedtime hit me and I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture today…at least not with my camera.  I have a selfie that Brutus, formerly known as Blue, and I took on my phone, but my goal was to use my camera.

I set out take a photo of my favorite night time toiletries.  Mind you, it is dark.  I only have my homes lights; no flash to use.  I also don’t have a space set up for product shots.  I decided to use the bath tub….funny thing about a bathtub….it isn’t flat!!!  My cylinder shaped jars did not just sit nicely together….they rolled and as soon as I got one to sit nicely, another one rolled and knocked it out of place.  This wasn’t going to work.

I was kicking myself for not getting a shot earlier in the day when I peeked in saw this cutie with this love bug.  I had my day 2 photo.

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