23/365 in 2017

Day 23

It’s true what they say, you know?  It takes 21 days to become a habit.  Ok, well some say 21 and some say 30, but the point is, you have to start something and stick with it for a period of time at or over 3 weeks.  Then it becomes a habit or something you can do with out much thought.

That’s what has happened with this.  This 365 series was have become something that I do with out much thought.  I know that seems impossible or rather unlikely, but it truly has.

Today when it was time to pick up Michael, I grabbed my camera and walked out the door.  I didn’t have to plan this, it was just as if I would always walk out the door with my beloved Nikon.  It’s a pretty neat feeling when you realize you’ve stuck with something you had thought you’d for sure fail.

So, here’s my Michael.  Today my mom, Gram, went with me.  We both had missed him over the weekend and were ready to get him when the time came.  I suggested that we ride together and I would wait in the car for them.

Michael had told me in the past that he wanted both of us to pick him up and for Gram to be waiting in the car, so this was a play on that.  And I think he was pretty happy when he realized we were both there to get him.

And I’m happy to have this photo.  Days, rather years, from now, we will look back on this photo and cherish it.  It will serve as a reminder of how much their grandma loved them.  How she would pick Michael and his brothers and sister up from school.  It will be a photo that tells a story of great love and grace.

23/365 in 2017 gram

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