20/365 in 2017

Day 20

Today was a great day.  What was so great?  I don’t know really.  Maybe there was nothing extraordinary to make it great, but it was great because it was ordinary.  Sounds silly, I’m sure.

After picking Michael up from school, I came back home and spent some time working.  Michael shared time with me and my mom.  He had all sorts of stories to share with us as he chowed down a cinnamon roll that had been left over from breakfast.

Shortly  after getting work started, it was time to pick up my older 3 kiddos.  They were all in good spirits and we chatted about their day as we drove home.  We discussed homework and the importance of getting it completed before leaving for the weekend.

Once home, the boys played a game on my phone while Amanda and I hung out.  She may have helped herself to ice cream and I had coffee.  We talked about getting things together for the weekend and how we would miss each other.  We also knew that we would see each  other in the morning at her basketball game, so we were looking forward to her first game.

While we were talking, she said she needed to do something for me.  She left for a few moments and then came back and asked if it would be ok to color on my wall.  I agreed to let her explaining that I was planning to paint my room this summer.

She excitedly said ok and took off.

Several minutes later, she told me to go check out my wall.

Knowing that I was going to miss her and her brothers, she wanted to remind me that I was not alone.  It’s kind of hard to read, but it says, “God is always with you and I am too.”

Man, did I luck out in the daughter category!

So, I’m going to share this with all of you.  Whenever you get lonely or down, remember that God is always with you.  You are loved.

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