19/365 in 2017

Day 19

During the school day, I try to get my work finished.  Sometimes I work from home and some days I go in to the studio.  No matter where I am though, it always seems that school pick up time sneaks up on me when I am finally in my work groove.  This makes school pick up an annoying part of my day.  I’m sure you know what it’s like to get in the groove and then have to stop.

So, it’s school pick up time.  The line is long.  People park 3 cars wide and you often get stuck in the sea of cars.  Some drivers don’t move up once the spot in front of them has been vacated and I can’t help but smile when I look at this photo!!!

This photo below is why it quickly becomes one of my favorite parts of the day.  I forget about the mess of cars around us and I focus on my kiddos.  They are smiling and happy to tell me about their day.  We give hugs and that work that I hated to leave becomes a not as important issue for today.  I will find my groove again tomorrow.

This sweet girl running to me makes it worth it.  It makes my heart happy!

And looking at this photo now, makes me miss her so much!  It’s the weekend and the kids are with their father.  I had hoped to see them this morning/afternoon at their basketball and soccer games, but their father didn’t take them.  And so far, my phone call hasn’t been returned.  Monday can’t get here soon enough!

For now I will continue to update my website while Border Security plays in the background.  The dogs will wrestle and play a bit too loud while one cat sits on my shoulder, another cat on my belly, and one more cat sits next to me.  I will plan out my senior’s shoot for tomorrow and the weekend will be over before we know it.

springfield ohio photo 19/365 school pick up



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