17/365 in 2017

Day 17

Today was a busy day.  It’s funny that now as I am writing these posts that I feel like every day is a busy day.  Ha!  This momma needs a vacation!! 😉

Ok, back to the day….It started early with a long drive to Dublin.  My handsome Lu had to go for an eye dr appt to follow up on his surgery from last year.

We had to leave early and there was no time to brew coffee.  My plan of getting up in time for a few cups at home did not pan out.  So my next plan was to run through McDonald’s and grab a Coke once we hit Plain City, but we didn’t know that it was closed for renovations!!!  AAAAaaaaah!  We had to continue on and the two of us kept a look out for a coffee shop.  No luck though! 🙁

As soon as we got to Dublin, we went through that McDonald’s.  Lu was hungry and I was happy to get a drink.  If only I liked McDonald’s coffee, it would have been perfect, but a Coke had to do.

Once at the eye dr, Lu played on my phone while I pulled out my camera and captured this.  He’s so good about letting me take his picture!!

Lu has been having some double vision, so after a fairly lengthy visit, his eye dr suggested he wear glasses.  If the glasses help, great!  If not and the double vision gets worse, he will likely need surgery.

Lu handled the news like a champ.  We talked about maybe needing surgery on the way home and he wasn’t bothered much….nothing like a year ago.  I’m so proud of his coping skills that he’s worked hard on developing. 🙂

On the way home, I called and set an appt to go check out and order glasses at a local eye dr.  He seems pretty excited!  I hope he’s as excited when they arrive!

I have to say, I love days that Lucas has appts and we get to hang out together!!!  We have this humor between the two of us that is like a special inside joke.  He gets me and I get him.  He’s a special kid.  Can you tell I’m proud of this guy?!?!

Check back in a few days to see our visit to the eye dr to pick out his specs!!!

eye dr day 17

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