14/365 in 2017

Day 14

I took this earlier this morning.  It was like a mini miracle!!  I walked out to get a cup of coffee and passed by the living room.  As I glanced in to the room, I saw this.  These two cuties were sitting together watching Twilight Sparkle and the other little ponies.

I had my phone in hand, so I took a couple quick shots with my phone just so I could prove it happened 😉  And then I got to thinking how great it would be to have this be my pic of the day.  Problem with that was that my camera was back in my room.

Was there any way that they would still be sitting so nicely together in a minute after I got my camera?  If they noticed me and the camera, would they move?  I was willing to take that risk!!

I took a couple shots and it was so dark that I needed some light.  Of course they noticed the flash.  So I got some photos of them posing and smiling, but the ponies were too much of a draw to let me distract them for long.  And as soon as they turned back to the ponies, I got this.

I LOVE this photo.  I hate that the house isn’t clean and you can see random things in the background, but I am pushing myself to see past that.  I am pushing myself to allow others to see the imperfections of our life.  I am pushing myself to be vulnerable because if we can’t be vulnerable, we can’t truly connect with others.

So, yeah, there is a dog kennel behind them that needs put away because the dog that was in it no longer needs it.  There’s a box that I can’t decide if I should trash it or not because that instant pot thing is super intimidating.  There’s windex  by the window because I am still trying to remove that pumpkin I painted on the window for Halloween.  But this is my life.

watching twilight

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