13/365 in 2017

Day 13

Introducing Pumbaa the cat.  This handsome fella has been with us for 18 months.  And wow, I just realized it’s been that long!

Pumbaa found us over the summer as a kitten.  He was a sweet looking guy that cried out whenever he saw someone.  For the longest time, he seemed to live in our neighbor’s flower bed.  He would never get close, but instead he ran when we went near him.

This continued for months, but over time he seemed to let us get inches closer.  In the late summer, I had decided I wanted to meet him and sat down with a sack of salami in the front yard.  Within 30 minutes he was in my lap.

A couple more months went by and he still seemed to be roaming freely with no owner.  He hadn’t been neutered and I knew he was reaching the age of needing neutered or there was going to be lots of spraying and new kittens running around.  I decided to be a good neighbor and take him to be neutered.

Since then, no owner has been found, unless you count us.  Ha!  I think he claimed us.  Have you ever been claimed by a cat?  You don’t have much choice in it!!

He comes to the door or window and cries when he wants in and goes to the door or window and cries to be let out.  Pumbaa is so incredibly sweet.  He loves to be held and loved on…when he wants it at least.  We love him.


pumbaa day 13


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