12/365 in 2017

Day 12

Awww!  My star student!!!  What can I say about this kid?  I am so proud of his accomplishments at school.  Besides getting star student today, he also earned and worked his way on to the A/B honor last quarter.  Then he turned some things around and this quarter he made his way to the A honor roll!!!  I’m proud of all of his accomplishments 🙂

J is a smart cookie!  His reading and math scores have always been well about the normal range of his grade level.  And thankfully, he goes to a school that encourages growth based on each student’s ability so that he continues to excel.

Each year he continues to amaze me.  I hope he always knows how blessed I am to be his momma.

In school, J is known as a kid that doesn’t talk.  Of course, he talks, but at school he is very quiet.  He never gets in trouble and is respectful of his teachers.  He’s a great kid!

Today he was completely surprised to be named Star Student for his class!!  It was perfect!!  I love that we were able to surprise him with such a great honor!

His teacher wrote this about him:

If you ever step foot in my fourth grade classroom you could look at

Jackson and know exactly what the students should be doing.  He is

always following the “Northridge Way” behavior.  Jackson works hard

and completes all his work to the best of his ability.  Jackson gets

right to work on assignments and is always ready for the next task.

He deserves to be the star student not only for his positive behavior and

high academics, but for his loving heart too.  He genuinely loves his

younger brother and sister.  I can always count on Jackson to be a

role model for others in my classroom.  I am very proud of him.


Mrs. Hoppes

star student day 12

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