11/365 of 2017

Day 11

For those of you that know me personally, this is mostly a recap. Those that are just meeting me, welcome to my crazy. 😉

Today’s pic is from the Montgomery County Court House.  Not this one here: Old Montgomery Court House.  Nah, that would be too nice.  I have been there though. It’s beautiful and I love the columns and steps.  The inside is pretty amazing too.  Which reminds me, someone needs to have a wedding here and book me as their photographer!!!

Ok, let’s get back to it.

Today was a day that had been a year in the making.  I sat in the same chair I’ve sat in several other times at this court house and stared at these papers.  See, I was divorced officially last February.  It was a long road to get divorced and unfortunately not all issues were solved with the divorce decree.  And according to the magistrate, the issues will never be resolved.  Great.  sigh.

So, I have realized that this constant state of crisis that I have been trying to live in and deal with is not a temporary thing where I just try to make it through.  That’s what it was, but now, now it can’t be that.  I have to find a way to make this living in crisis my normal.

Today’s results are not what I was hoping for.  They aren’t the worst, but I don’t feel like I’ve been heard.  I have to remind myself to keep being patient.  Like my wrist reminds me, “be still.”

I’m sure God has this.  Of course He does.  It’s so hard to let it go and trust that it will work out though…especially when we still have to deal with the yucky stuff while we wait.  The worry and fear for my children is not easy to deal with, but we pray.  And we know God is in this.

As Amanda wrote on my arm earlier this week.  “We know that in all things, God works for the good of those that love him.”  Romans 8:28  And we love Him.

day 11 of 365 court house

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