10/365 in 2017

Day 10

It feels so weird to have been away for so long.  3 days!  or is it 4?  I have missed writing and sharing these photos so much, but the timing just didn’t seem to be there.  Thankfully, I still found moments for a photo.

This day was a hard day.  It was my birthday and there is good that comes with that.  Good that I still haven’t gone back to fully acknowledge.  Good that I am having a hard time accepting…probably because I am not feeling worth it.  I think everyone has moments like this.  Please tell me that everyone has these moments.

What was the good?  Well, it was my birthday!  And FB friends make you feel loved on your birthday <3  It’s pretty awesome really.  It’s hard to feel alone when 100 people are wishing you a happy birthday!

So what’s my problem?  Eh.  I felt lousy.  And as great as 100 good posts can make you feel, it is hard to push past the feelings of complete failure.

This complete failure had a busy birthday.  I had a morning appt, Michael had an appt 2 hours later, then Amanda had dance….she’s decided to stick with it 🙂  And then we ran through McDonald’s on the way to her basketball.  Basically lots of running and to further prove my failure, I hadn’t been able to find time to go in and work which is desperately needed.  There also was no time to feel the lowness and wallow…which I know may sound silly, but it’s something I know I need to do when I have things on my mind.  I just need that time to process.

I had carried my camera with me all day waiting to find the photo for day 10.  I had planned a pic that I was going to take at the studio, but since I didn’t make it there, I had to find something else.  The pic below makes me so happy that I was carrying my camera.

My girl playing basketball. She LOVES it!  She gets so excited to go to practice and a smile rarely leaves her face.  If no smile, it’s only to make a funny face as she concentrates on the game.  I will definitely share a pic of one of those faces within the next couple months; they are adorable!

She’s adorable.  And every day I am reminded of how truly blessed I am to be her momma.  It was a rough day, probably because of all the noise in my head, but I got to spend time with this sweetie.  And this all-to-grown-up-6-year-old reminded me to live life and be happy.  She even threw in some Bible verses for good measure.  One of the verses was Romans 8:28.

You want to know how you haven’t completely screwed up?  Your child quotes scripture to remind you that God loves you.

10/365 in 2017 basketball

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